Sorrow Poem by Melissa L Tamayo


Rating: 4.7

Sorrow; Love lost with sadden words
Lost hope with tears that burst
Twisted happiness, that sometimes hurt
Sorrow; A sentiment that makes one tear
Full of emotional sadness and fear
A sense of loneliness unclear
Sorrow; A curse of burning flames deep within
A pot full of worries that brew underneath your skin
A pinch of remorse lingering in your veins
Sorrow; A confused state of mind
That rattles your brain
Sudden lost of thoughts that drive you insane
A train with carts full of pain
Sorrow; An overwhelming sense of driven shame
While emotional strain weakens
The positive one has gained

R B Seals 29 January 2016

Melissa, your choice of words offer a harsh and griping assessment on the concept of sorrow as personified by the overwhelming encounters the subject of the writing has endured. In many ways I can relate, which makes your words all the more poignant. I sincerely hope you are not the subject you have written about. And if you are, I wish I could reach through this monitor and offer you a big hug to comfort you. Thank you for sharing, Melissa! [rating: 10]

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Melissa Tamayo 31 January 2016

R B Seals, your feedback and thoughtful comment is very appreciated. Thank you for your rating.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 13 November 2015

Different aspects of pain and sorrow are beautifully defined in the thought provoking poem. Enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.9 points.

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Melissa Tamayo 31 January 2016

Ratnakar Mandlik, your very kind. Thank you :)

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