I Miss You (To Honduras With Love V) Poem by Ayi Escalona

I Miss You (To Honduras With Love V)

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Almost as if in mourning
I typed these words
Quite not precisely like mourning
Yet there is a deep sense of loss
Where have you been my dearest
The email that used to brighten
My morning has ceased
And with it has deepest thoughts
For without the slightest word from you
I am nothing
I am a mere individual
Scoping the earth’s vastness
With no direction
And of course without joy
I sit alone yet with everyone
Wondering where you are
Wondering if ever I will hear you again
For in my deepest thoughts, you linger
Almost etched and engraved in my memory
Of course for countless revision
I do miss your words
Maybe you are busy
Maybe you are tired
But know one thing
My days are now repetitions
Of ongoing processes
Simply of just to be alive
However once was a pleasure
Even the very thirst of my soul
To begin a new day
Reading what phenomenal things you see
From your talented eyes

Sheena Aguilar 11 December 2009

beautiful...............roamntic wowwwwwww

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Ezna Stephna 09 November 2009

Ariel this is a emotional poem of your loved one, who you no more see.......your words where expressed sure away that by read this poem its hurt and gives pain in heart..still i say do not lose hope, god's grace no one can pass by but we do our best. thanks for sharing this beautiful poem......10+10+10+.......

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Dr.subhendu Kar 21 July 2008

love when so wishful by the remniscence, words still flow fretfully to whisper the love, yet lucid by texture, wellpenned, thanks for sharing

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Estrella Baldemosa 18 July 2008

A lovely poem for Miss Honduras, words are almost tangible, shaped and molded well...an art indeed! keep up the good work!

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M. E. 17 July 2008

Beautiful Ariel, but I believe that the words you mentioned will never stop of being sent for each other, until one of you succumb....death.

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