Foolish Heartbeat Poem by Ayi Escalona

Foolish Heartbeat

Rating: 4.5

The day is gone leaving scattered emblems
Of once picturesque skies
A cool shadow, flickers of gold
Shimmering beauty captured in vast thoughts

I sit motionless dazed to the sheer wonder
A perfect backdropp of my outspoken desire
While my heart sings tireless rhythm
My thought leaped a thousand miles

Faster than beams of relentless sun
Trudging through the thick yet fading clouds
Surging up powerful emotions
To cheer the early night’s gloomy disposition

Night is approaching
But my eyes can’t easily give in
To the long night’s departure
As countless words come so easily

I listened to your heartbeat from a thousand miles
Heard your laughter every time you smile
For in my deepest thoughts you linger…
The very thirst of my soul to begin

Vijay Menon 05 October 2009

a very beautiful poem

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Reshma Ramesh 17 September 2009


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Jessie Bernabe Cadsawan 20 August 2009

Hi, seems you refer this to a cyber heart desire. At times I feel tthe same, no wonder we are poets! Nice!

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Ron Flowers 05 June 2008

A real good poem, a joy to read.

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V F 23 January 2008

I can well relate to this... Its beautiful how you put it 'listened to your heartbeat from a thousand miles Heared your laughter every time you smile... Thanks for sharing

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Simone Inez Harriman 30 November 2009

I love this poem. You portray your loves longing so well with this beautifully written piece.10 from me.

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Catrina Heart 10 November 2009

wonderful composition shared here Ariel....sorry it took me awhile to read your stunning poetry.....Love it!

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Moonbee Canady 27 October 2009

Very Nice, Ariel... The Day Is Gone, Leaving Scattered Emblems... Brilliant Line! and then you go on to show all the little things that was observed for the day and how life settles in continuing on in each heartbeat of hope... I Enjoyed the Read... MoonBee

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Miriam Maia Padua 27 October 2009

really wonderful... nice thoughts... love can conquer all distance can never hinder if heart beats for it... may it be a foolish heartbeat...its Love... 10++++ Lovelots, Maia

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Ric Bastasa 05 October 2009

Con la moral corregimos los errores de nuestros instintos y con el amor corregimos los errores de nuestra moral.

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