Thank You Poem by Ayi Escalona

Thank You

Rating: 4.8

Lord, it's always a pleasure for me to thank you for
           everything you've given me that makes me what I am;
Thank you for everything that you provide that makes me
           a happy being;
Thank you for the knowledge that guides me to the path
          of goodness, it makes life travel in comfort;
Thank you for the vision, for I can see the color of the
           world.... you have wonderful creations;
Thank you for the pleasant sound of the music, my
           spirit dances in contentment;
Thank you for the dream in my deep slumber for I've
           made footsteps to other dimensions of the world.... my
                   strength is renewed;
Thank you for the mobility and freedom, for I can roam
            around the earth urged by my enthusiasm;
Thank you for the food you provide... i can feel the
           taste of goood health;
Thank you for the water I drink, it flows inside me like
           a stream... it fills my thirsty soul;
Thank you for everything that I cannot see but gives
           life... I can feel its graceful touch;
Most of all, thank you for the love that gives everlasting
           peace, it makes my world a perfect home showered by
                     your endless blessings.

Meggie Gultiano 09 July 2007

This is a very nice piece that i wanted to read and re read all my life. Inspite of everything, thanking God is our recourse.We should have a life of thankfulness.Thanks for sharing, Artiel, i am really touched. Well penned. This is worth more than a 10!

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Malini Kadir 10 July 2007

wonderful, lovely....... Your faith all goodness in your words...... A breath of fresh faith for all who read!

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Edna Javelosa 18 July 2007

Indeed God is truly wonderful we must give thanks for everything He gave us..excellent write..10

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Princess Me 29 July 2007

This is oh so sweet Ariel. Many of sometimes do not take enough time to reflect and thank God for all we have. We are blessed in many ways. Being here writing to you and sharing poems is just one of them God Bless!

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Denise F. 02 August 2007

this is a very beautiful poem, Ariel...thank you for sharing it. Denise

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This poem is so inspiring Ariel and it is wonderful to see such faith and love in this piece. The things other people take for granted, you really appreciate and treasure and this is what I so admire. Your fluent style is so impressive and with English as your second language, you are writing beautifully. 10 love Karin

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Raj Nandy 10 January 2008

Ariel you are God fearing like me; yet we both know that HE loves us all! Please read -MY FINAL EXAMINATION -coming up shortly. Your poems are really great!

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Ewigi Liebe 28 December 2007

this is very very nice thank you prayer....I could see how is your truly personality as a real filipino and a believers.

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Elmer Romulo Valdez 10 October 2007

We've so much to thank the Lord during our brief existence here on earth. Ariel, you have captured all the blessings worth to be thankful of. Thanks for sharing...

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Marta Xoxx 08 October 2007

I love this poem, it's really amazing.

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