I Save My Words Poem by Lodigiana Poetess

I Save My Words

Rating: 5.0

Press your ear to my lips and feel the breath of truth.
You are my only truth, my living breath.
We two are one, creatures of flame and desire,
Ignited by love, fuelled by fervor
To seek your touch is to find sustenance that
slates even the longest thirst,
and replenishes endlessly.
I will hold your voice within a shell and listen into eternity,
that sweet, honeyed sound that fills a chamber of
lost dreams and desires.
I am that sun, hidden by the unseen moon,
that orbits your heart and gives you prism light,
and in a mute world where words are
valueless and exhausted,
I save my words,
for only you.

Thursday, August 29, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: love,romantic
C F 03 September 2019

You have a wonderful way with words, excellent love poem! 10+

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Lodigiana Poetess 03 September 2019

Thank you very much for your kind words, it makes me very happy that people enjoy my writings and it gives me renewed confidence to carry on..Thank you so xx

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Lodigiana Poetess 01 September 2019

Thank you so much Sylvia for your generous words which have really touched me and I am thrilled knowing that you enjoyed it. I am genuinely appreciative.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 August 2019

Beautiful words full of love, you can feel the air of love breathed, unattainable in a certain way, but distance is not important for true love can always be reached in a way. True suitable title, A unique way to express true love. I have enjoyed this most beautifully worded love poem.

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Sandra Feldman 29 August 2019

A most breathtaking, love poem! The poetically felt beauty of ever line, of every image, metaphor, is amazing. A romantically perfect unforgettable and extraordinary, love confession. I am still lacking words to praise it. But it is, really, true felt love, incredibly expressed!

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Lodigiana 31 August 2019

Thank you so much Sandra for your generous comments..I am always surprised when someone enjoys my poetry..particularly when they are as talented as you! Thanks again

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