I See Myself...In Your Eyes! ! ! Poem by Rohit Sharma

I See Myself...In Your Eyes! ! !

Rating: 3.1

In this fake world, with your love so true
And you always by my side, it feels so good..
False images everywhere, world full of lies
I see my true self in your enticing eyes....

You've always loved me the way I am
Wish to give you the same, Really wish I can
I feel so secure to have you there for me
Coz true love elsewhere, I can hardly see...

Love is the most amazing thing happened to me
You makes my love special and really it is...
Used to search myself in the mirror and skies
Until I saw myself, In your scintillating eyes....

Your eyes so true, gives perfect reflection of mine
Tells me whats wrong with me, what's bad and what's all fine...
They give me strength, when I see so much love and care
No mater what happens, know you will always be there....

I promise to come back to you at end of each day
You are special, My sweetheart in every way...
Baby, I am always yours, you'll remain mine
Coz, I see myself in your 2 beautiful eyes! ! !

Note: The Topic was suggested to me by my friend and poet Anita Trivedi and she asked me to write few lines on this. Hope notto dissapoint her.

Emma Adamyan 14 July 2010

When i read ur romantic poems I feel myself drifting by a heaven stream somewhere far away. But i didnt know u can write like this by ur friend`s request... In this case can I ask u to write sth abt my lovely name? ? :)

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Anita Trivedi 14 July 2010

Hey Thank You so much for writting so beautifully this poem...... So pure........ I just loved it dear........... Words are short to say how beautifull is this............ Really will take heart of girls............

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The beauty of true love..we become so emmersed and consummed by it! A lovely sensual poem! : D

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Unwritten Soul 14 July 2010

Love the title and the poem...The eyes never tell lies..it is a connection.. Your words and flow always beautiful but this one is beautiful by it's own way...The feelings flow like waterfall...calming, refreshing and inspiring...Lovely! i give u 13marks...oh what! the max is 10? oh okay so i have to give u 10, and the balance u keep for next poem in advance..lol Joking: p..Thanks for sharing and inviting

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Meetika Srivastava 14 July 2010

It's a smooth read, nice piece! liked the opening line 'In this fake world.....'

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You have not disappointed my friend Rohit but have done great justice to the topic. Lovely lines!

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Sonali Sings 01 March 2011

A poem comes from with in, and in this case...you feel it!

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Marieta Maglas 21 July 2010

This poem is absolutely sensational! I love how you connect the ideas between them...well expressed feelings

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Indira Babbellapati 17 July 2010

a love poem with good n consistent flow...

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Lady Grace 15 July 2010

a sweet one..nicely written..

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Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma

Amritsar, India
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