Love Is You Poem by Rohit Sharma

Love Is You

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What is love, how can it be defined
Some say it's an illusion; impossible to find...
I believe, it's God's gift, resides in our hearts
Binds two souls together, never to be apart....

Love exists in this world in different names and forms
One thing in common, it has no condition; no norms...
Love makes one's life beautiful, gives reasons to live
It makes no demands, but has everything to give....

Love gives us strength, the courage to fight
To face the bad time with all its might...
Love heals our deep wounds and pain
There is nothing to lose; love is all gain....

Love is an intense feeling shared between two hearts
Feelings of care; a promise to be never apart
Love is a passion; seeks no boundaries no language
Love is for you and me and people of all age....

Love is a trust, Love is surrender
It's an emotion which is warm and tender
Love exists everywhere; Love is Eternal and true
Not sure how it's defined, but for me, LOVE IS YOU! ! !

Gan Chennai 25 June 2010

I think Rohit fires all the Engines when it comes to LOVE. Age speaks.

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Rinki Nandy 25 June 2010

b'ful description, definition of love but for me love is conditional only, a selfish feeling.

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Lalitha iyer 26 June 2010

The essay on love is nice, , , , , , , , , however you have to make it more poetic and flowing........

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Nazma Lucky 30 June 2010

Not sure how it's defined, but for me, LOVE IS YOU! ! ! nice, yes, you are all, , , when anyone falls in love.Rhythmic, well expressed poem.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 02 July 2010

I agree... love gives a person courage.

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Mehreen Mujeeb 05 December 2010

slightly idealistic, but beautiful!

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Holy Bull 30 November 2010

Makes me believe in love... :)

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S.a.m Momin 19 September 2010

I liked your poem Each line holds true. The last line was beautifully carved Beautiful

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Seraphim Foxette 18 August 2010

This poem makes me want to love. You did a wonderful job of putting it together it really fills me with feeling!

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Dove Allen 06 August 2010

To try to define the feeling of love is like trying to catch a rests upons one's heart...sometimes fleetingly but with the hope that it will remain that we may view its beauty forever. May your special love come to you and stay next to your soul forever! Your love poems are a fine example of a belief in the power of love!

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Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma

Amritsar, India
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