Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'Ve Fallen In Love

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I have fallen in love
with a girl—a very beautiful girl!
Her face is just like the moon;
her eyes shine like the stars.
The touch of her hands—
or is it a feather?
Her words are a melody.
Books and books of love poems,
I can write for her.

When we meet,
the moments are like a hive of honey.
I feel we are one soul.
What an ecstasy!
Moving around in our fantasy land,
beyond the shadows of sorrow, everything
looks ecstatic, lovely, and grand.
Let the realities not peak
into this enchanting world of dream.
Let me be lost in her eyes that gleam.

Yet at times I still fear, like falling from the sky,
and wake in the grips of a nightmare
with an abrupt scream.
When we are together, I’m happy
otherwise a great deal restless, even sappy.

O I like her smiling face!
She admiringly praises my sense of dress.
Her perfume, her style, sharp and attractive nose!
She looks very cute in every pose.
My sense of humor, she says, is good,
and my body is handsome, as it should.
But why am I so cautious with her,
otherwise anxious? I can't gather.

All this, I told to my very close friend
who said, “This is not love.
For your beloved sake
when you extend your self
and willingly give whatever you can,
not as sacrifice, or looking for in return,
and all this just spontaneously happens:
this is love! You must learn.
And look what they do:
a mother to her baby,
and your dog to you?
I said, “Maybe now I can see.”

Then he said insightfully,
“Love is not feelings, nor is it desire,
but it is a will to act, real action like fire.
Mother to baby and farmer to crop,
each serves and helps without any ego
so that the baby and crop can grow.

But unsatisfied desires are just what you show;
you’ve never tried to extend your heart
by borrowing her joys as well as sorrow;
and you are cautious in your words,
in your deeds, you know why?
Lest your real face
the other should able to find.

Or did you tell her she needs to cook,
attend to the laundry and housework?
But you talk the imaginary, undoable, farce,
and the concrete, unsavory you always shirk.
How long this relationship based on lies
do you think can survive? It has to die.
When you start with false promises,
untenable hopes,
unbearable pain is the fate;
in the dark you'll certainly grope.

In infatuation, like under the effect of drug,
both of your egos' walls are shrugged:
that gives a temporary feeling of joy-
as usually happens when egos disappear-
but in real life, the life’s ego’s toy.

Can you tell her all your truths,
and have the guts to bear hers too?
Still if the loving feeling is left,
then you can be a hero;
possibly building on love
your castles, starting from zero.

But normally nothing is going to happen,
as the attraction of the opposite sex
gives rise to, what we call, the falling in love.
I have never seen any parent
falling in love with their kids;
or the kids falling in love
with the parents, although they love.

With great expectations
without real concern or heart
what could happen
you could have imagined from the start!
Don't waste your time.
What is your relationship?
I have told you precise.
Instead share with somebody your sorrows and joys:
that is exactly my sincere advice.

Love is truth. Love is trust.
Love is open but it is not lust,
not just feelings,
but the effort for your beloved's good
to do anything you are willing.
Not outward beauty that always fades;
it's the beautiful heart that it timelessly treads.”

I was impressed by what he said,
Yes, this is not love! I decided;
let me seek love elsewhere instead.

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Amrit Rathi
Anita Trivedi 01 July 2010
you have very wel discribed true love and attraction............ though leanghty but Beautiful poem
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Gan Chennai 30 June 2010
'Can you tell her all your truths, And have guts to bear hers too? And still if the loving feeling is left, then you can be hero' - My sincere advice - You should not reveal certain truths to your life partner till end. Never commit such a mistake of being too much outspoken and loose peace. It does not mean that you should hide all matters. Certain matters need not be blown too much, if you have an iota of doubt that it would come in the way of happiness and peace. We know that we are good, why rake up the past and loose peace?
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‘Moving around in our fantasy land’ ~ Fantasy and fact are different…infatuation…jaundiced eye-vision ‘And spontaneously it happen’: … is not ‘made’ [except low passion body liking] right you’re happens….emotion blends and unites…love is giving [unidirectional] not with much expectation of getting…your slicings and discriminations are very aptly poemed…what True Love is still an enigma … thanks Sir sharing…enjoyed Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10
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Romeo Della Valle 23 June 2010
My dear friend, Love is Love by any given name...Love for a father or mother, a son or daughter, humanity, nature and of course, God1! Like a child fist learning to walk, trying to get up and falling and getting back up! C'est la vie, my dear friend, sooner or later we learn the proper way to stand on our own feet...Great write! 10+++ Keep it up! Love and Peace...
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Maureen Desmond 22 June 2010
Hello My name is Miss maureen am 24yr old. I saw your profile today and it really attract me a lot i believe that you are the man i have been looking for to share my love; How is your health? i hope all is well with you. I believe that we can move from here; but remember that distance; age and color dose not matter what matters is the true love and understanding; in my next e-mail i shall include my picture; i been waiting for your reply mail me with this mail address ( for further introduction. Bye hoping to hear from you soon. p Ls contact me with this mail (
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Preetam Shetty 22 June 2010
Love is eternity....its is the face of divine that cant be seen but only felt.....and the your lines 'Love is truth. Love is trust.Love is open but it is not lust' speak the magnitude of love.....three cheers to your amazing creation
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Hans Vr 21 June 2010
This poem takes us from a wonderful description of being in love, the exstatic feelings when together but fear and uncertainty when being apart. And then the warm wisdom, contrasting IN love with love. Love is doing loving things, sharing convictions and joy and pain. You expressed it so wonderfully. Love is soothing, iN love is often causing the harsthest of stabbing pains.I think most of us have gone throught he exstatic feelings of baing in love, most of us have felt the pain of falling out of love and I hope most of us manage to find the real love, so nicely described in the second part of the poem. Thanks a lot for sharing.
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Malaya Roses 20 June 2010
Reality spoken in your excellent poem. Love not lust. Love by action and not only passion. Very well done. But sometimes reality will not tally with our concious and because so called 'love' many people suffers and cries with no ending. The LOVE must be real and not with certain aim or ambitious desire. But where can we find pure LOVE as your good-self wroted? 10+ for real and what love supposed to be.
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Brandon Owens 19 June 2010
So then all love is the same? Between mother and child, husband and wife? To have no barriers of our ego, and to give ourselves with out selfish desire, is that love? Shouldn't we apply this to everyone in our life, so why then would he look for love somewhere else? He would need to first find it in himself.
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Omar Ibrahim 19 June 2010
most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly wise and well penned thanks for sharing
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