Friday, May 28, 2010

The Synthetic Life And My Circus!

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I am very excited,
since I read about J. Craig Venter,
and his achievement
that they created a replicating species
whose parent is a computer!

A great breakthrough! They say
for greener fuels, born-again chemistry, and medicine,
designer foods to feed
the eight billion souls every day!
Or is it fraught with unimaginable horror,
if hijacked
by cracks, fanatics for terror!
It may yet certainly herald
a Brave New World!

But I’m not the President of the United States
to think at such a macro level.
I’m a small businessman
in the circus business,
so I need to think at the micro level:
particularly when
I am looking for some viable solution,
so that I can remain afloat.
And here is one
that can rocket my business to success.

Lately we feel an acute shortage of
humans interested in joining the circus.
Even the lions, elephants, and monkeys
have refused to play their tricks,
and this I wanted to discuss.
So I must open a dialogue with J. Craig Venter,
to collaborate with me and enter
into an agreement
to provide me with the technology.
Since I have at the moment a cash crunch,
on profit sharing basis I think it should work out:
that is my hunch!

One Bio scientist, my friend, easily said
that what they have done in a cell
is replaced protein with synthetic material,
and took out the DNA, genome.
Now what genome, DNA kept the parental instructions,
a computer outside does it with fun!

What an idea!
Now I too can make humans and animals
and other living forms
that I need in my circus, with a storm.

I would feed the synthetics in the empty cells,
and infuse the life into the chemical proteins,
by giving parental DNA instructions,
through a powerful computer in-between.

As for the repetitive tasks
the computer will excel, the natural genome;
the motions of synthetic performers will be ever finer;
better tricks animals too will play on.
My circus will be the first with such excellence,
and so it’ll be the best in the world, in a sense.

So this will be a mutually beneficial deal,
I'll earn—and Venter's Institute will too,
that's how I feel.

I am keen.
I keep looking for new possibilities
in the business, relationships, and other things
and give it a shot in light of the change:
this will keep them finely tuned.
And that’s what I read somewhere—I forgot
which book let me muse?
Oh! It was Who moved my Cheese?
Let's handle the change with ease!

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Amrit Rathi
Gita Ashok 15 June 2010
What a brilliant synthesis and amalgamation of philosophy and scence fiction here! I feel I just finished watching a movie on science fiction where all the impossible become possible! The way you have ended the poem couldn't have been better any other way! Truly entertaining and truly enlightening!
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Ravi Sathasivam 12 June 2010
Your poem makes one think deep. Great write. Well penned Enjoyed reading it Thanks for sharing with me
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Anita Trivedi 07 June 2010
Its great........., wel written.............., It was pleasure to read..............
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Anjali Sinha 06 June 2010
wowwww you are erudite a perfect mingle of Science and Religion.... now with the creation of life in the lab, I bet you will say-Where is God? Did God make man? But you and I know the truth? Leave Science in the labs and we will stick to our roots, our morals our culture lovely write dear Amritjee surely a tenner from me
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Hans Vr 05 June 2010
Nice to read this poem on one of the most worrying developments in science. Well written. In between the original, funny ideas, the reader can feel the big worry for disaster. Good work.
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Noel Horlanda 05 June 2010
The lines are encouraging based on science adorned with rhymes. I may consider this as an intellectual form of expression. At the same time it is business like and with humor. Yes sir, I have read about Craig Venter's invention of synthetic protein and blogged it in the internet titled 'One step closer to God.'
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Lalitha iyer 04 June 2010
IN your urge and desire to express your scientific expressions please dont lose your poetic beauty! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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A scientific poem written with enjoyable humor.. science is moving toward...and -in some cases- beyond nature's law...I suppose we'll just have to wait and see who comes out the winner[ science or nature] a poem to ponder.
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this is very interesting for me because I am a 3rd year BS Information Technology college student... nice poem here... this is really interesting!
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Preetam Shetty 04 June 2010
You actually spoke a lot of serious sense in that humour We did it with vegetables and now we are doing it with humans We are trying to uproot the rules of nature.......without actually understanding the catastrophic effects Your poems makes one have a great art with you
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