I Was Called Poem by Diane Monte

I Was Called

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I was called to serve, , ,
In a place where future is vague, ,
To give hope and love they need,
Have mercy with us, my, plead.

I was called to heal the wounds,
The cry of every heart that hurts,
Bound with injustice and grievances,
Root s of human destructions.

I was called for a simple prayer,
An earnest supplication for everyone,
To ask help from the almighty one,
" Oh God, kindly end this up for us".

I was called to live again,
To restore the broken spirit of thee,
And bestowed with God's grace,
The second chance of life with HIM.

Saturday, February 21, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Kathy Van Kurin 16 December 2016

Diane Montemayor, You blessed my heart. This writing reminded of God's reality within this life and His calling upon me. I wish you all grace and knowledge in Christ our Savior! Thanks for sharing your faith. Kathy

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Christopher Tye 29 June 2016

Great poem as so much truth in it. With faith the human spirit can endure a lot.

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Diane Montemayor 01 July 2016

Dear Sir, Thank you for appreciating my simple poem. Sincerely, Diane

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