I Was There Poem by Cynthia Carpenter

Cynthia Carpenter

jacksonville, flordia

I Was There

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i was there when you cried
i never gave up, i stayed by your side
at first you didn't see
how much you meant to me
i swore that I'll always love you
together we can always make do
i want you forever in my life
as my best friend, my lover, my wife
i held your hand through all the pain
your love is all I'd planned to gain
now together, we're as happy as can be
all i ask, is the you never leave me
i swear to you now, i don't care about your past
baby lets make this love last

Gajanan Mishra 06 December 2013

I want you for ever, very good write, thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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Khairul Ahsan 11 August 2018

'i swear to you now, i don't care about your past baby lets make this love last' - that's wonderful! Hope, you are still sticking together!

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Daniel Brick 04 September 2014

BTW I saw above you love in Florida. My sister and her husband have a condo in Florida and I went there with them in 2013, my first visit to Florida and I loved the heat, the foliage, the beaches, even the rain was wonderful. This poem dovetails past and present. You say your partner's past does not matter, only your present together matters. This is a crucial acceptance which makes the hopes expressed possible. If you want an example how the past can destroy love, read THE GREAT GATSBY by my fellow Minnesotan F.Scott Fitzgerald. The recent film version is well acted by Leonardo di Caprio and others but stupidly directed by Baz Lehrman. Read the book. YOU WON'T FORGET IT.

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Anil Kumar Panda 06 December 2013

A sweet love poem with nice rhyme and flow.liked it.

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Msforever Lonley 06 December 2013

well thank you very much this is my first time letting anyone see my poems at all other than my mom sooo thanks for the compliments

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Ace Of Black Hearts 06 December 2013

He meant it was a good line. He was repeating part of one of your line as a compliment. Sometimes as much as we hate it, the love does end, not in the heart but in the mind. Count the ways lovers can be torn apart, they are as many as the personalities which create the love in the first place. Finding love is easy when compared fighting for the time in which you get to keep it. It doesn't always smell like roses, and sound off as another forgotten fairytale. But there are happy, and good times in which love should always be remembered.

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Cynthia Carpenter

jacksonville, flordia
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