Cynthia Carpenter Poems

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My Dark Prince

you brought me out, you healed my pain
but to you there wasnt anything to gain
you did it out of the goodness of your heart
somehow i knew you were the one from the start

I Was There

i was there when you cried
i never gave up, i stayed by your side
at first you didn't see
how much you meant to me


looking into your eyes at the end of the day
drop to my knees i begin to pray
that you be there for me like i was for you
anything for you i would do

My Beautiful One

My beautiful princess you rescued me
You captured the darkness and set me free
I never knew loving you would be so great
Falling for you has become my fate


stuck an drowning in this dark place
through the night I'm haunted by your face
I'm finally through
denying that i ever loved you

Help Me

stuck in this life I'm liven
to you, my heart I'm given
i stand an cry through the rain
please Lord rid me of this pain

Lesson Learned

cracked, broken all alone
through the years i have grown
to become catious, cold as ice
never again to hurt me twice

Eternity My Love

i never thought that i would fall in love with you
but when i looked into your eyes i knew
that you were the one for me
so now i ask on bended knee

For You I'Lll Suffer

tears fall unto a broken heart
i loved you from the beginning, from the start
i miss the moments that we once shared
but, you didn't see, how much i cared

Living Free

Sitting here just doing me
Living wild, being free
Alone I lay in my bed
Thoughts of you running through my head

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