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just doing me, being wild and free

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Jordan Lee 13 December 2013

I love you so much babe. you are my everything.

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My Dark Prince

you brought me out, you healed my pain
but to you there wasnt anything to gain
you did it out of the goodness of your heart
somehow i knew you were the one from the start
you had me from our first little talk
100 miles for you i would walk
my dark prince you resqued me
you pushed away the darnkness and set me free
only to capture and steal my love
maybe it was destined from above
that one day we would meet and finally be together
my dark prince i'll love you forever
as long as you hold my hand through my worst fears
hold me in your arms as i cry my tears
be there for me when i need you the most
at the center of my heart you stood your post
promised to love me for all eternity
come my dark prince and let us be
together forever until we die
together we will be joined in the sky

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Cynthia Carpenter Popularity

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