I Will Remain Faithful To You.. Whatever You Do Poem by Abdallah Gamal

I Will Remain Faithful To You.. Whatever You Do

Rating: 4.8

Now we've arrived to the end of the road
No one can feel the weight of the load
We were chosen to be forever on the road
But you chose for me to be abroad
I still remember, you say we will be together
Oh oh no I forgot, u say we will be forever
But really I don't know if you forgot or whatever
U know, u think i've forgotten, but yet I still remember
U know, I won't forget what u said to me yesterday
'Birds could die, , flowers could dry.. pens could dry'
'But our friendship will never say good bye'
And I will never say goodbye, u know why?
Because without you I will have a reason to die..

Hans Vr 19 July 2011

Yes, very good style. Well written.

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Jennifer .. 19 July 2011

good sweet-sadish poem :) great job

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Chris Jibero 20 July 2011

'.....without you I will have a reason to die.' So punchy!

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Cyber Lion 22 July 2011

I'll have to come back and read, read then re-read it some more, I feel the message but there's something that leaves it a bit short

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Noha Ahmad 23 July 2011

really beautiful one

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Nia Schexnider 06 December 2013

[3 this is beautiful. I am happy that you write these things because I often felt this way too. keep um coming :)

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 07 November 2013

Wow the rhymin here is fabulous. Such a poetic sincere luv poem, dramatic ending enjoyable to read. Do read any of mine n tel me if u like any too

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Heather Wilkins 21 June 2013

another master piece of poetry. you are very talent writer. just lovely

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Moha Abbou 06 September 2012

Danta mawso3et kalimat ya a5i

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Jessie Hopkins 16 November 2011

Your words are beautiful. Truly. And not just that but meaningful. :) Thank you for sharing.

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