I Waited A Long Time For You, And My Dream Came True Poem by Abdallah Gamal

I Waited A Long Time For You, And My Dream Came True

Rating: 4.6

I was like a withered flower in a barren desert,
till I breathed your smile that brought life to my heart.

I was like a homeless child looking for a shelter.
till you got me in your heart, awh nothing is much better.

When I saw you, I felt my heart flying freely in the sky.
I said ' Angels don't exist, could she be a butterfly? ! '.
I waited a long time for the one who will wipe tears stuck in my eyes.
Then I met you, and to my lifelong loneliness said 'Good-bye'.

You taught me how to live, how to love, how to sacrifice.
Till you came into my life, my world turned to a paradise.

I wrote our story on the walls of my heart, to tell it to our children,
to teach them what true love is, and let our souls rest in Heaven.

Mihaela Pirjol 09 September 2014

A poem written from a heart in love...free...wonderful...

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Unwritten Soul 13 December 2013

You definitely know how to make a fine poem, this is a brilliant write, i love to see the growing side of your poetry themes and skill, they always good and new..dont stop writing, your emotion is always been writing since then, and your black pen is birthing gold in few more years_Soul

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Heyyou Boy 05 December 2013

spoken as only a true poet can. well done

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Md Elias Uddin 23 December 2013

abdllah, go on dreaming and sharing

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Susy Evelyne 08 November 2013

Ah l'amour, l'amour! I like the images you use and you tell your story so poetically. Lovely poem full of sweet romance..

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S H 06 May 2023

A poem with true feeling, nicely written.

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Chew Angelina 17 August 2015

This is a beautiful poem [3

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Darlene Walsh 14 August 2015

It's a lovely and romantic poem with wonderful touching images, sounds like love at first sight. I hope the love they share lasts forever.

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Sara Javed 13 August 2015

This is a beautiful poem! Love the way you write, and how it is depicted in a few word, but holds a strong message. Lovely! Keep writing on!

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Unwritten Soul 13 August 2015

Greatest short romantic poem...truly i really loved this, you touch every beat in my heart, i know everyone will also feel the same_Soul

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