I Would Like To Sit Down And Tell You A Lie Poem by Alaska Roads

I Would Like To Sit Down And Tell You A Lie

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I’d like to sit down and tell you a lie
That everything going to be just fine
Shopping malls, cake and ice cream
Going all about your Disney dream

I’m sorry people
Its time to wake up
Put away all that fantasy stuff
The things you’ve been doing
Since you were a teen
Sipping 5 dollar coffee
Chasing after designer jeans

You know that your life is hollow
Yet you do it any way
Because that’s all you know
It’s the way you were raised
Chasing worthless things, in a haze

It’s not all our fault
We are in a trap
Brain washed by Rockefellers
And a list of false profits, crap
Telling us from birth
What we must do
There are secret codes floating around this earth
That is used to manipulate and direct your work
Usually to serve Baal
Satan too
Giving praise to him
By saying secret words by the slue
Like lord, god, all names of Baal
Calling on those will send you to hell

This is a wake up call to the wise
Hurry come near and open your eyes
You may only here this 1st and last time
Yahweh is the one who can save you, the blind
Here, now, in this end of time
He is about to bring in his kingdom
Lead by his son
And it’s not Jesus
It’s the anointed one
Yahsha the messiah
Who came in his Abba's name
It means Yahweh will save us
This he proclaimed

Now that you know it
This is what you should do
Get on your knees, raise your hands to Yahweh
This you can do, today
Start praying for forgiveness and repent for your sins
Start reading the Torah
Where it all begins
Forget about the lies that Satan has sent
About praying to Jesus and meeting Sunday in a tent
That’s all about raising money to keep the priest in style
Taking advantage of kids, homos gone wild

Its time to keep the Sabbath the 7th day of the week
If you want the mark of Yahweh take a peek
It’s right there in Exodus under your nose
Why didn’t one of those liars tell us so

Oh, by the way, you need to give up pork
But it’s in everything, so it’s a lot of work
Obviously planted by Satan
To make sure everyone gets there bacon

Remnantofyhwh.com has lots of proof
That this little poem is not a goof

Stop believing what the masses say
Study the meaning of the Hebrew words and ask YAHWEH!

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