If I Only Had Me Poem by McDonald Mbejere

If I Only Had Me

If I only had me
I'd collect the crumbles
As quickly as they become rubbles
I could keep up with dismay,
Hold its hand with whispers
Drive it with terrors,
And embrace it as I may;
It would only know my love
And feel how strange and welcoming it is
A very unfamiliar touch of grace
And an uncommon sentiment
So irrational it earns ridicule
It's the equivalent to the pages of religion
As precarious as trying to read a cure
But if there were a couple of steps back
And we didn't take the time to see what we lack in each other
We'd be part of a different story
Nothing glory would take part in
One of me consumed
Consumed by deceit and all the colors that match
Crippled by my own comfortable grin
'As long as she's pretty love is certain';
But to balance vanity we have eternity
It's the side dish that gives us maturity
And washes the eyes to true beauty
Clears uncertainty and profanity
So I thank these years for my clarity
I smile at having the highest hand
I am able to keep my despair close and in comfort
Aware enough to still care;
I am not perfect though, and if I could
I would not open my eyes from these dreams,
I would not breathe the air in reality
But She will be there not changing,
I will be there not fighting
Just lost in thought, wishing.
But the distance from my reflection gathers
Further and inhibiting
Limiting and crippling
But If I only had me,
She'd be happy too.

Thursday, August 6, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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