If Hearts, Minds And People Poem by Thomas Duncky

If Hearts, Minds And People

If hearts really did sink down in holes
Mine would have skydived down to my toes
Tumbling and tumbling till it escapes to my holed shoes
And splash finally into the potholes

If people really did get out of their mind
I would be a million miles away out of mine
Traveling away from my mind, I wouldn’t mind
So long as some kinds of trouble didn’t rewind

If people really did fall in love
I would break my ribs down that fall from above
For I would leap like it’s the last chance I have
So long it would not go far to break my heart

If hearts did sink
And minds would get out of minds
Or people did fall in love
Only if…

Princess Lilypad 07 September 2013

This is a beautiful piece about the wonderment of the soul and it's potential depths. I love it, thank you for submitting this one.

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Patricia Grantham 26 August 2013

A very nice free flowing poem that really touched my heart. If our hearts, mind and people would come together it would make for a more peaceful and beautiful world to live in. An inspiring write.

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