Walk With Me Poem by Thomas Duncky

Walk With Me

Rating: 4.3

In the morning when birds sing from their home
Walk with me and never leave me alone.
In the afternoon when the children play and sing their songs, walk with me.
In the light of the day when darkness has gone to the mountains, don't leave me.
Walk with me when everyone is patting my back
Walk with me when I am having bad luck.
In the night when darkness falls up on the land
Walk beside me and hold my hand.
When the light has gone to the south
And it's too dark that you can't read my mouth
Just walk beside me and feel my touch.
When the journey has become too dreading and weary that we have drifted apart
Just know that wherever I am, am still playing my part.
And when the world has inflicted us with pain
Hold on to the dream that one day you will walk with me again.

Ekaterina M. Polischuk 11 February 2012

what a great poem)))))))))) it has a good melody and deep meaning. wow! I really enjoyed while reading))))) . thanks

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Sean Hill 04 February 2012

It Has a tremendous flow to it, like river water flowing fast but consistant and sad but true! the poem is really good.

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Dave Walker 04 February 2012

A really wonderful poem, like it, a great write.

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Young Church Poetry 05 February 2012

This is well written, the flow is just so amazing. Good work, love it.

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Walterrean Salley 19 March 2012

Saint Thomas, this one took my attention because I wrote one with the same title. Can't tell you how much I love this [your poem.] Thanks for reminding us that life gets somewhat difficult at times, as we need to be reassured. PS: When you get the chance, will you please read my poem, also title Walk with Me? Thank you very much. May you continue to share.

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Sreelekha Premjit 19 February 2012

loved the poem, how lucky to have some one walk with you so.. beautifully said. Do read my 'Anthem to an Angel' deidicated to my daughter on similar lines.

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Sankaran Ayya 12 February 2012

Yes dear Thomas I will walk with you in your journey through mind on poetic lands. No philosophy no mystic caves no saint's stare, as I said a few more good lines That is poetry. I enjoyed the walking. It is as beautiful as the evening and as cool as the evening breeze Best wishes humane Thomas -KAVIN CHARALAN

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Unwritten Soul 12 February 2012

If a glass full with water enough for us to stop thirsty, but if a poetry full with positivity it nice to give readers some hope, ice write ST_Unwritten SOul

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Wahab Abdul 11 February 2012

A free narrative verse with end rhyming and with smart style and beautiful flowering words having a good concept, my dear poet full marks to you, Please read some of mine.

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