I Come With Love Poem by Thomas Duncky

I Come With Love

Rating: 4.5

Dead sores and bruised toes
Up and down the silent shores
Cuts deep, drilled by poisonous foes
In and out of dungeons and dangerous holes

Skeletal thin; hardly covered with skin
Shallow faced and hollowed cheeks up my chin
Been traveling in deserts violent and mean
Sad nights, weirdly pitch black and dim

Up, through and under misty mountains void of life
Stumbling and falling I walked on in the dearth of light
Now torn garments and a skeletal shadow braces my sight
Startling and bearing witness to the consequences of my fight

With bruised toes and sores thus I come
With deep cuts drilled by foes, I arrive home
Past misty mountains, through, up and above
I stoutly come home with love

Dave Walker 25 August 2013

A great poem, like it.

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Pratikshya Sedhain 26 August 2013

So heart touching poem................ nice rhyming.........

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Patricia Grantham 26 August 2013

This poem is written with such beauty and courage. Through your poem I sense a boldness to want to come out and from under a life of darkness and into a life of light and wonder. Love is the greatest of all feelings and it conquers hate. Yes come with love! Thank you and Amen.

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Cassandra Jasmine 26 August 2013

This is an interesting write! Quite a different style than most poems I have read. However, I love how livid and alive this poem seems. It is fairly touching, and I love it! Cassandra Jasmine

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Ramesh Rai 23 September 2013

I agree with all my friends who have commented. never to stop is life indeed.

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Heather Wilkins 04 September 2013

enduring all the hardships of life you come home with love. excellent

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Hazel Durham 01 September 2013

What a journey of hardship and pain to survive it all with love still in your heart! Beautiful write!

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Princess Lilypad 31 August 2013

Wonderful imagery, I could feel the desperation and what a beautiful ending. home. so sweet. great words used to paint a picture, is this a soldier's tale? it rings military strife...the return home. beautiful.

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Ellen Shaw 26 August 2013

The last verse completes this poem perfectly. Great poem

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