If I Poem by Mariana Zita

If I

Rating: 5.0

If I die tonight
will you cry

If I am lost will
you look for me

If I am alone will
you be there

If I get sick will
you heal me

If I get angry will
you calm me down

If I get scared will
you ease my fears

If I shatter to pieces
will you be there to
collect the pieces

If something ever
happens to me will
you be there

Jamal Ludin 24 March 2007

nice inner urge for security is great in every body. nice. take care

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Roger Bowman 03 April 2007

i will be there for u mariana all the best roger

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Cece Lamberts 18 April 2007

I love your poems, Mariana. This one is so moving. Who knows if the one you want to be there by your side will finally be there? Usually, the ones you want to be there for you, don't care to do so; sometimes they don't even know you exist. Hopefully you'll have better luck than me in your life. Take care, CeCe

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John Clark 22 April 2007

I like the way you write your poems; short and concise, but you still manage to convey complex messages.

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Mary Naylor 04 May 2007

This poem is beautiful and eloquent! Also, great economy of words, yet, still a full-hearted poem.

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Jessica Jemima 15 January 2009

This is beautiful - short and sweet, but sad also. God is there, and he loves you. Great concepts, don't stop writing!

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Albert Wong 25 September 2008

Ha, use so many questions in testing us... good imagination during you are typing this..10.

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Random Crap 10 September 2007

Someone will always be there. This is a poem of mine that is like the answer to this poem of yours. If I is an amazing poem, it just highlights all the fears people have that no-one will notice, or care. Well done x

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purple moon 04 July 2007

i hope they will be there. well done. x

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jazmine kristen 15 June 2007

WOW..that was great! ! !

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