She Stands Alone

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She stands alone
with no one by her

In the middle of the
crowd she stands
while everybody bruises
her with their words

As the tears stream
down her face she
stands alone with no
one by her side

No one see's the bruises
they inflict upon her but they
are there none the less

So until someone stands up
for her she will always be left
out and made fun of

Roger Bowman 03 April 2007

lovely poemo indeed. amazin Roger

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Megan Cook 03 April 2007

hey its megan! i love this poems its so inspiring i hope everyone who reads this is inspired to standup not just for themselves but for thoose around them great poem! ! !

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Anita Blake 29 March 2007

i really really like this poem i; ve been there, and i wish someone would have known to stand up. Great poem its so true

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Magda Graf 13 March 2007

Yes, Mariana, it's so important that we stand up for others and that we observe who needs our help against those who keep bruising their soul - and it's important that we find those who help us when we are in need of a friend. Your poem expresses this well. Magda

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Aldo Kraas 01 March 2007

You did a wonderful job writing this poem

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Meghan R. 03 September 2007

Awww, I just got a tear in my eye. This is outstanding. I feel his way too somtimes. But your not alone, I hope your not... You have your mom who loves you very much I read it in your poem. This is very deep! Sad but great! ! -meghan

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jazmine kristen 15 June 2007

thts so deep plz tell me thats dosen't happen to u. great poem

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Gold Flower 10 June 2007

**Cry, Chirp! ** Very touching! Lilly

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Lexi Ella 10 May 2007

Deep. Very good. I like how you use free verse, while a lot of other ppl on here tend to rhyme, no matter how it sounds (no offense to anyone who does this: -D)

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emotional girl 05 May 2007

this's so well written, i love it :) warmest regards, emotional girl

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