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I want you to listen
when I talk

I don't need comments
and advice I just need
you to listen

Talking is all you
every do but this
time I want you to listen

I was the one who
always listened to you
but now it's your turn

Don't laugh or say Im
silly just listen to what
I have to say

If you just listen to me
then I will be content

JoAnn McGrath 20 March 2007

I'm hearing IT! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Ditto to what Brian said

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Brian Dorn 13 March 2007

That's the nice thing about poetry... you can 'talk' all you want and nobody can interrupt. Good write, Mariana! Brian

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Random Crap 10 September 2007

Everyone should find this balance of talking and listening. Even if it means closing their mouths to let other people get their point across. Never be hushed mariana!

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jazmine kristen 15 June 2007

wow...thats is great and everybody should listen. u said it! ! !

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Melvina Germain 15 June 2007

It is so important to learn to listen, so much in this world to learn, the only way to do it to listen to the experienced ones. Listening to a loved one about issues of the heart and understanding always play a part. Thankyou for this poem Maiana, I too sometimes need to check myself and pay close attention and listen. I'm glad you wrote this, I for one benefited by it.---Melvina---

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Marc Mannheimer 15 June 2007

Mariana, your poems are simple and direct. Simplicity is the hallmark of a good poet. Your feelings are pure. Keep writing! Marc

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Roger Bowman 03 April 2007

guide ur frustration to poetry mariana.u will feel better. all the best roger

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