Bri Mar

'' If Only The Blind Could See '' - Poem by Bri Mar

Wars are murder but still they go on,
For the victims we don't really care,
You no longer grieve when that person has gone,
Of their feelings you become unaware.

Killing comes easy after the first,
It becomes just another death,
For murder and mayhem you develop a thirst,
To see someone take their last breath.

Did they have children, parents as well,
You don't give that a second thought,
Where do they go to Heaven or hell,
You leave loved ones totally fraught.

From barbaric deeds you become immune,
Your only aim is to kill,
Your mind becomes wrapped in a tight cocoon,
You would stop but you don't have the will.

What you're fighting for you don't really know,
You do it because you are told,
The advocates of war never ever go,
Their cowardice would leave you cold.

We must go to war on their behalf,
They claim we are under threat,
Will they go and fight; you're having a laugh,
Their decisions we'll all live to regret.

When it's all over we're cast to the side,
While our leaders live life to the full,
From harsh reality they've no need to hide,
We're used as a political tool.

The injured and dying just disappear,
It's as if they no longer exist,
The survivors are left to live in fear,
Truth is they will never be missed.

Our world leaders love to start a fight,
Yet they're cowards everyone,
Expecting others to die just isn't right,
Why won't they take up the gun?

All wars are futile we must face the facts,
Politicians don't want us to be free,
While others die their lives are intact,

‘' If Only The Blind Could See ‘'

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 30, 2012

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