Imperfections Poem by Alex Gomez


Rating: 5.0

Outside of the doorway to normalcy,
I stand confined to a solitary existence
While society mocks me for eternity
I am merely a pariah behind the fence

An abnormality walking on the Earth,
Wandering aimlessly while their eyes stare,
Glowing with hatred since my birth,
I am the outcast who you must beware

The King of Heaven has forsaken me,
God laughs as I continue to suffer
Every day, I pray and beg on my knees,
Though survival continues to grow rougher

My eyes focus on the tempting blade
While the noose is another option
The hopeful light cannot reach the shade
Created by my bizarreness; time to die within

I prepare to vanish from the world unnoticed
My ultimate words immortalized and on the floor
I shall Cross the Rubicon, no one shall stop it
My imperfections will not curse the world any more

Before my transcendence is able to occur,
I lay my eyes upon a piece of paper with a poem
Although very short, I could only concur
As the poem read the truth about who I am:

“Perfection is unattainable,
Seeking it is foolish,
Our imperfections are the building blocks
For our individuality to shine
For our humanity to be reality
For you to be you,
As you are amazing
And those who deny this are empty”

Tyease Collins 27 June 2009

Wow that poem really touched me. The are such a talented person =]

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Maria Isabel Oropeza 30 March 2009

I love this poem. I feel like this a whole lot actually. And I agree, I believe we could be great friends. :) Be Different. Be You. Elizabeth

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Stephen Black 23 March 2009

Very good poem. Not my favorite by you but very very very good. I noticed you talk a lot about society taking over. I am a fan of anarchy as well. Again this poem is very deep. I feel like each poem has a chunk of your brain on it.

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