Hercolena Oliver

Rookie (18 April 1969 / Durban South Africa)

In Passing - Poem by Hercolena Oliver

Flowers bloom and wilt after a mere season.
Snowflakes melt for no apparent reason.
The sandcastles wither as waves dissipate.
Some initiate while others graduate.

The rock formation is corroded by ebb and tide.
Most things pass as few abide.

Even you on this earth will not stay,
But as all other things will eventually pass away.

Passing things in nature I’m sure you can imagine why
Are not unlike fleeting emotions that at times can make you cry.
In the nature of appearing by coincidences,
Coincidental happenings are much the same in certain instances.

Spare a passing thought for both stagnant as well as transition
In the process of literature in educational transmission.
Storms pass, yet the force of nature lingers.
Much of earth’s disruption is partaken by man’s less than adept fingers.

Balance of natural equilibrium in conservational concern
Gives thanks to mother nature as un timely novice and timely intern.
Natural synopsis testifies to passionate collection
Of lush forests seasonal much like ubiquitous affection.

Fiery passion displayed in quick temper
Has power of tempered selfishness damper.
Notes playing in places reiterate
Long forgotten symphonies of composers both unknown and great.

Integral playing and practicing of a game
Creates skills in a situation that by being altered does not remain the same.
Indeed it is second nature to be aware of a wary natures
Until even youth passes as while flowers wane man matures.

Insects pass by flowers momentarily attracted,
Then go about their business, once again distracted.
Transition can be as fulfilling as a roaring fire satisfied at destruction
Or as disruptive as the inner earth like a kettle on a furnace boiling other in eruption.

Draft constitutions embracing radical concepts represent with will at will.
Thunderstorms once tired ultimately become still.
Timely waking hours cyclicly give way to sleep.
Magazines now bearing articles of interest become good for waste paper.
Once a week comes the weekend such as all facets of time end with similar caper.

Senses perceive momentarily,
In the next second again following the contrary
Rungs on a ladder are only of use on the way up or down.
Sadly many a smile disappears to give way to a frown.

Ironically on any side there is always the other side.
Conversely oceans as serving many a purpose do also landmasses divide.
Tossing a coin can be lucky yet unless on its side the flipside’s obscured.
Man’s aside with health insists on much research to end illness in search of a cure.

Time passes relentlessly and waits for no man.
Artificial things are just as fascinating as reality as a ban.
Noon comes and goes and in twelve hours welcomes midnight.
In between rivers are flowing with fish habitated though not in visible sight.

Art honoured today and fame of importance as it may
Provides highlights on a calendar, yet do not last forever, oft not even for a day.
Classics and modern compete side by side.
Enjoyment and ease provokes forbidden nature of even most timid springtide.

Constant and variable, together and asunder,
Water in continual motion of fountains, rain and thunder,
Something marvelous in nature sometimes creates temporary platform
Foundational in opposing rebelliousness in a tendency to conform.

Enjoyment of food and beverages and consumption as well as time consuming interest
Serve purpose obsolete once used as a solution proferred ends problems to rest.
What is worse eventually becomes better, what’s less may even become more.
Valid becomes void as terribly important becomes insignificant to the core.

Of interest becomes a bore, planning goes towards an event or even a four score,
Unawareness gives way to awareness in discovery of recovery advancing to furore.
Passing productivity displaces laziness, focused feelings also simplify complicated,
Wrong slackening depreciation results from what is underrated.

There becomes big what once was small,
Partially in part for once and for all,
The end of a road can be blocked by a brick wall,
Up and running social interaction due to fights come to a fall.

Merriment becomes sadness as laughter intermittently cried,
People once part of this earth as a matter of necessity in the great scheme of things died.
Life end in afterlife, quite can also become severely outspoken,
A great deal of respect can be gained from a gratuitous token.

Time passes, paths have a tendency cross, here moves to there,
Spiritual nature progresses, faithful and disgraced alike at times pause for prayer.
Domination depends on submission, every passing season reshapes wondrous earth,
Factual evidence also contradicts fictional lies, sadness may also entertain some mirth.

Library archives attempt storing what has been gone and is almost forgotten,
Behaviour though habitual through experience is proven as ripe fruit become rotten,
The simple skyline ending at the horizon still continues though not in due visibility.
God’s divine nature continues in Holy Trinity, solitary attempts invite fleeting solidarity.

The wind and the rain go and come again, perennial justification in passing will gain,
Intuitive feelings perceive emotional pain, bending straight solution spectacle’s disdain.
Romance courts nature of passing love, universe consistently constantly revolves evolve.
Imagine microcosmos invisible to naked eye, watered by determination, no longer dry.

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