Inamorato Poem by Rini Shibu


Rating: 4.8

Your  love showers on me like the cascade of flowers
We sail in the ocean of love as your  eyes gaze into mine
Your breath on my neck is like gentle breeze wakes my soul
Your chilling kiss on my cheeks is like  dew drops on the rose petals
As honey drips from the comb, Is the wetness of your lips
And when touches mine it taste so sweet
Your feather soft touch of fingers tips melts my heart
When you smell my  glittering hairs, floral scent spreads in the air
When you pull my wrist to breaks the distance,
thousands of pearls rains in my heart
Your wide chest is bed of blooming foliage
where I lay my head to hear your beats
I hide my face under the shadow of your moonlit face when my heart pounds hard
And the laughter fills the air as we  drown in  love
Your warm embrace of love brings joy and thrills into my life.

Monday, June 19, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: dream,love,passion,romance
Lamar Cole 19 June 2017

Very romantic poem. A treasure chest of beautiful words.

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Robert Murray Smith 08 July 2018

Rini, this is absolutely magnificient. It jumped straight over me into my favourites. Brilliant.++++++++++++++++++10

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Akhtar Jawad 01 November 2017

A sweet and beautiful love poem, thanks for sharing it.

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Rini Shibu 02 November 2017

Thanks Akhtar for your comment..

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Sochukwu Ivye 30 September 2017

So flowery as it gets. The pen of an amorist pours out. Thanks for sharing with us.

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Rini Shibu 01 October 2017

Thanks for your comments chukwuma Rini

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Raul G. Miranda 14 August 2017

lovely indeed...full of love and affection...

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Rini Shibu 14 August 2017

Thank Raul, I appreciate

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Kumarmani Mahakul 09 August 2017

As a poem of love and romance, it is a gorgeous poem having stunning and thrilling expression on a metaphorical Your wide chest is bed of blooming foliage where I lay my head to hear your beats. Thanks.

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Rini Shibu 10 August 2017

I am glad that you liked those lines

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