' Infinite Depths Of Heaven Poem by Linda Ori

' Infinite Depths Of Heaven

Rating: 2.9

From infinite depths of heaven,
warrior clouds
ignite the universe
to flame.....................
upon the unsuspecting
of a sleeping earth.................
about to be
awakened by

a kiss.

*written as a response to 'Gently Upon The Still'.

Tony Miller 07 June 2009

yes both poems are terrible good coupling

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Ashraful Musaddeq 07 June 2009

Wonderful expression of the event.

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Sid John Gardner. 07 June 2009

To be awakened by a kiss is simply bliss.To be kissed by a hog may transform you into...a frog... Sid.x

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Saadat Tahir 07 June 2009

i think sid got it mixed up kisses turn frogs to princes...... why turn it around..; -) linda beautiful words.....like rain stirs earth so do kisses, aching humans cheers

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Patrick McFarland 07 June 2009

Nice imagery Linda.10+

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Ken E Hall 14 October 2009

Lovely poem of showers heaven sent and ending just how I would love to wake up, how could we do without this wonder first but not last visit uavaniceday regards

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Nikunj Sharma 24 August 2009

Sweet and serene and comforting as monsoon showers on heated earth...gud one

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John Lyday 21 June 2009

Ha ha, that surprised me. I was expecting something bad to happen and then we got kissed. Very clever. Good poetry.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 18 June 2009

Excellent, lovely, short, cute 10+++

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this is a perfect example of allowing th eemotions to shape the form...

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