Al Zabaaniyah Poem by Mohammed Hassan (Piracy In The Mediterranean)

Al Zabaaniyah

Rating: 4.4

you used to be proud of your ancient gods of time
now show us what your gods have done
they don't have meaning for life of these new days
they are a fantasy for the hollow eyes

yes we were the kings of ancient times we won't be as always we've been
when it is the time the mighty god will punish you all and it will be seen

we all are descending from Adam's genuine blood
not children of these so called gods
earth has one ruler and you didn't see the knowledge
all what you saw is a broken nail of his

you will be the firewood for the fiery hell
and you will be burnt every second in hell
no one bears Zamhareer Jahannam, Hawiyah
no one bears even the blizzard of his shrill wrath

you polytheists, your destiny is into the Hawiyah
behold the vermin of the world they are the Zabaaniyah

when it's the time for Israfel to blow the trumpet
no one can get away with his sins
you never saw an angel before so how could you kill
whom you never ever saw? !

the lowest pit
of all hells
is the Hawiyah
which meant for polytheists

you will inhabit
that fiery black pit
a flake of all hells
upon you will spit

John Knight 03 November 2009

Hi Mohammed - This is a difficult poem for readers who ar not familiar with ISLAM. For it to be fully understood you need some footnotes to explain the meanings (origins) of the words you use. The title AL ZABBNIYAH refers to a ANGEL who inficts torture on those who are in HELL. You refer to Hell in verse four and ZAMHAREER (cold) JAHANNAM & HAWIYAH are all regions of HELL described in the Quran. ISRAFEL is described in the Quran as the Angel who will blow the Ressurection Trumpet. In this complex poem you highlight two important truths. The biological unity of the Human Race. 'We are all descending form Adam's genuine blood'. Biologically we are all BROTHER (and SISTERS) - this should produce Global Unity. However due to conflicting Political Systems there has always been unrest and wars throughout the thousands of years of Human History. The three greatest Religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all MONOTHEISTIC and acknowledge ONE GOD who CREATED & CONTROLS the Physical Universe. Polytheists - who are condemned in your poem are not willing to be under the LOVE and SOVEREINITY

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John Knight 03 November 2009

CONTINUATION - Polytheists want to create their own Gods to promote ther own ideas outsie the teaching and edicts of JEHOVAH (or ALLAH) . V 4 'You polytheists your destiny is into the HAWIYAH (Hell) . the destiny of Polytheists is further reinforced in V 7 & V 8. the worls is divided by Religion (just as it is by Political Systems) your poem would seem to advocate the TRUTH 'There is only ONE GOD' therefore mankind should live in relious Unity (because there is only ONE GOD) and political unity (because we are all decsended for ADAM) . The problem is that SATAN (whose existance is taught in Christianity Judaism & Islam) does not want PEACE and seeks to divide humanity against itself with POLITICAL & RELIGIOUS CONFLICT. This is a complex poem but it does contain a WARNING gaianst polytheists and atheists. Soon ISRAFEL will blow his trumpet and the DAY OF GOD''S JUDGEMENT will come when we will all be accountable to God. I have scored it a TEN because of the challenge of its content. Yours in poetry JOHN

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Eyan Desir 03 November 2009

A bit difficult for me I am caribbean....

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The Lost.. 03 November 2009

its meangful, but others wont understand what you are saying..

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Merna Ibrahim 03 November 2009

The poem is great, meaningful and really vigorous~keep it up...! ! But I agree with Wassila that others won't understand the poem and specially the Arabic words as'Zabaaniyah'...however i give you 10++ for this great work.

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blank blank 07 April 2010

I agree with wasila and merna. It's a very deep poem meaning to make us think deeper, but do you think that these people which you have described in this very poem as 'polythiests' understand what this means. 'innaka laa tahdee man ahbabta, walakinna allaha yahdee man yashaa' ' Very deep and thought provoking. In fact, we should thatnk you for sharing such a poem with us.

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Good morning Mohammad, sorry was facing trouble in commenting, I AM HAPPY TO SEE the good interaction with your strong, beautiful poem, well done

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Omar Ibrahim 06 November 2009

God bless you mohammed.....this poem is easy to understand and can easily enter the minds and hearts of every's true......God bless you again....

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Amen :) I'm a Christain Ive been for a short while, but that poem was wonderful :) keep up the good work :) :)

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Romeo Della Valle 03 November 2009

Dear Mohammed, I was raised in the Christian religion, but I lost faith in it, for personal reasons, however, I deeply believe in God, whatever name is given in any religion. by experience, I learned of the power of the mighty God, no religion you can read some of my poems, I frequently invoke the mighty God, since I deeply believe in it, I know where you are coming from, as a citizen of the world and created to the image of God, I just can say to you, God Bless You! You just let your thoughts flow, my respect for you... you got my vote, even if I am not clear about some things in your poem, Love and Peace, Romeo

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