Inside Of Me (A Valentine Poem) Poem by Rommel Filoteo

Inside Of Me (A Valentine Poem)

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Inside of me, there is always a place for you
All my sweetest thoughts reside,
Where my uppermost hopes are kept alive,
Where my sincere feelings are felt
My beloved memoirs are secure and affectionate.
For ever and a day you’re on my mind,
More a lot than any other thought.
I always bring you there intentionally
Just to make my day happy.
But more often, you always astonish me,
For discover your own ways into my thoughts.
There are certain periods when I motivate,
In my life you’re always been a part of it.
Every seconds, minute and hour,
Then during the night and day
When my imagination is free to run,
It always takes me into your loving arms
And allows me to linger there
Knowing there's nothing I'd rather do.
I know my thoughts are only reflecting
The loving hopes of my heart
Because whenever I wander,
They always take me to you.

Eivzul Acijom 13 February 2008

You made me's beautiful! Thank you.....I LOVE YOU! - Luzvie

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touching valentine poem, thanks for sharing

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Melvin Banggollay 18 February 2008

Another passionate poem from a passionate lover whose pen really glows with ever enchanting charm of poetry. thanks for sharing this poem brother, melvin

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good bye 18 February 2008

very beautiful write, thanks for sharing. Micah

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Alison Cassidy 16 February 2008

What a romantic you are Rommel - and what a touching poem you have shared with us for Valentines Day. It sounds as though the love of your life is no longer around? I do hope the separation is only temporary. Your words flow in a stream of consciousness that ripples through heart and soul. Very moving write. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Genna Somer 14 February 2008

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.............i wish my boyfriend wrote this for me! Very touching! Is this poem for very special someone in your life? Well, she's very lucky to have you. God bless to both of you.- Genna

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Patrice James 13 February 2008

wow, this is deep and great.... best regards, Patrice

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