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. .................Inspire! ! ! ............... .. - Poem by Amy

If you can think it, there is possibility
If you want it, you can achieve it
If you set it as a goal, you’ll always have a chance to score
Your life has no boundaries
There is no level at which you can stop learning, achieving, wanting, being
Why settle for the stars? When there are universes far beyond them to find
Live life to how you aspire to
Nothing can get in your way forever, it is simply a detour or an object, find a way around it
Only you can stop yourself from living
You know your limits, and you know what you can do
So put on your wings and fly high, higher than ever before
And don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re not capable
Don’t let anyone tell you you’re worthless, NO, you are priceless
Ignore anyone who said you’re crazy, a fool for dreaming, because dreaming is just the start,
You are amazing, don’t forget that... ever
Don’t be afraid to fall, because there is always someone to catch you
God promises you that no matter what happens, he will provide you with the strength to carry on, he won’t let anything happen to you that you are not capable of overcoming, He will be there in your time of need
Live life to the fullest, because after all, it’s just an experience
Believe in yourself, even if no one else does, especially if no one else does
Prove anyone wrong who doesn’t, but mainly prove it to yourself
Never let anyone get in your way, because life is a chess game, and they are just the pawns
Love those who will reciprocate your love, only those who will stick with you to the end
Dont cry over things in the the past, because there’s a reason it’s no longer in the present
Don’t give up if you stumble on your path, pick yourself up, brush off the mess and carry on
Don’t let anyone tell you the sky is your limit, because I’ve seen footprints on the moon

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