. Smile, Laugh, Love, Live. Poem by Amy

. Smile, Laugh, Love, Live.

Rating: 2.9

Smile, laugh, love, live
I walk down the street, smiling, laughing
Loving, living and he’s there
My knight in shining armour
I smile, feel loved and laugh
Smile, Laugh, love, live.

He pulls me into his arms
Holds me tight and whispers
Smile, laugh, love, live
I do as he says until I walk home
Staring at the mess before my eyes
Welling with tears I run, no longer
Do I laugh.
Smile, love, live.

They give me comfort
It doesn’t work though
And he’s there, I feign a smile
Trying not to relive the nightmare
But memories come spilling back
And my smile fades
Love, live.

Its been weeks since the incident
My heart still recovering from the
terrible thing that happened, he tries to be sorry
For me, but its been so long and his words
Don’t work on me anymore. I don’t believe him
And he sees that. He pulls me into his arms
And tells me it has to end
Keep on Living

No longer do I smile
Or laugh
Or love
I just live, this nightmare of mine which
I still yet have to overcome
Everyone’s through with comforting now
And I know I must forget the past
But I can’t, I have nothing left to smile
Nothing left to laugh
Nothing left to love
But myself
Nothing left to live
Full stop

Angelic Warrior 07 July 2009

a life without love is no life at all......so very sad: (

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Alex Andreev 18 June 2009

i look at yo' poem and i think ya really get a talent... this one is so sensual 'n' touchy... keep it on dear Amy

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Ashraful Musaddeq 08 May 2009

Cute and touchy Amy.10 for it.

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T S 15 April 2009

We all need a Knight in shining Armour 10/10

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 09 April 2009

you are not unique...........your feeling are ubiquitous....everyone goes through this....what i would say is..........smile, laugh, love and live.......Good Write.......

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Dev Anand 28 December 2018

He pulls me into his arms Holds me tight and whispers Smile, laugh, love, live at the end of the poem i was really impressed. a nice poem

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Jonny Brackney 29 December 2011

I have to say...when I started reading this poem. I thought it was going to be another drab rant about living, loving, and laughing...like one of those lame quotes that girls put on their facebook page. By the end I was very impressed, and felt ignorant for assuming such things. Well done.

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Jose Delosantos 26 July 2010

Wow This Is A Beautiful Poem! ! HUGE 10: D

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 26 July 2010

============================ ‘Nothing left to love But myself Nothing left to live For Full stop’ ~ Very ‘Touchy’ lines locus…Melancholy Magic…a topic of many poets …here you’ve brought alive Melancholy Jilt… thanks for sharing… Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10 =========== PS Please start a new sentence after full stop...nay Poetry will go to sentence lol n

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Interesting poem. They say love makes the world go round..without it... Good write; D

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