Lonely Girl Poem by Amy

Lonely Girl

Rating: 2.9

What a lonely girl
She sits in the corner
Lives in the world
No one there beside her

What a lonely girl
She doesn’t even stir
No longer does she dwell
On her past, just the future

What a lonely girl
The only man in her life gone
And how her heart fell
Now she has no one

What a lonely girl
She lives, breathes and sleeps
Her dreams make her swirl
But when she wakes, she weeps

Standing by the shore
Speaking in her husked tone
She doesn’t hold back anymore
“Why am I alone? ”

Dr.subhendu Kar 21 September 2008

no one is alone even being lonerly the whole world still smiles with you yet painful by the reeks of alienation the nature stilllove you by its silence..............excellent expression of lonliness by the self as when deferred by time, yet tomorrow is the day of hope, sun certainly rise tomorrow to cater to the needs of your warmth, wrouht ingenious,10+, thanks for sharing

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Paul Butters 20 September 2008

As the saying goes there are plenty more fish in that sea (by that 'shore' of yours) , especially if you've not lied about your date of birth. Well constructed verses.

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Aijaz Asif 19 September 2008

beautiful stanz with very well written with repeated lines...keep writing

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Laura Arwen 18 March 2021

It seems a sad poem but I appreciate it

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Hiding Nothing 19 April 2009

Wow i like that one, it was so..... i dunno just good.

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wow this has actualy tuched my heart that i have kept coverd for so long

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Red Blooded Black Hearted 25 September 2008

Heartfelt and earnest writing. Wonderful job.

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I don't believe that you've lied about your date of birth. You seem to have a talent. I keep the rating asside (9) to see also other good poems like this. Go ahead, dear

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