Amy Poems

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Being Me

I am a girl
Nothing more
Trying to tell the world
Not to close the door

Heart Broken

You wrecked my life
And my dreams
Tore them apart
At the seams

. Smile, Laugh, Love, Live.

Smile, laugh, love, live
I walk down the street, smiling, laughing
Loving, living and he’s there
My knight in shining armour

A Message

Nothing has happened
I have not been abused
Yet somehow, deep inside
I feel hurt and used

Lonely Girl

What a lonely girl
She sits in the corner
Lives in the world
No one there beside her

I Hate It When

I hate the way you smile at me
And how you make me freeze
I hate the way you make me laugh
I always was a tease

... Love Is

Love is one of the most powerful things in the world
If you receive it, embrace it
If you abuse it, it will be taken
If you ignore it, it will get you

Perfect World

In my perfect world
The sky is a perfect blue
The grass is a soft green
And together are me and you

Nobody's Perfect

Nobody’s perfect
But nobody tries
No one gets respect
Everyone lies

I Don'T Deserve You

I don’t deserve your stunning smile
Or your twinkling eyes
So guess I’ll wait a while
The one thing I despise

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