A Message Poem by Amy

A Message

Rating: 2.7

Nothing has happened
I have not been abused
Yet somehow, deep inside
I feel hurt and used

We would chat all day
And chat all night
But what you’ve done,
Struck me with fright

The message you wrote
Didn’t sound like you
I thought you were perfect
But I found nothing new

I feel abandoned
And I feel used
What you wrote
Made me confused

I can’t believe
How you act
When I’m nowhere to be seen
But it’s a fact

You’re like everyone else
You fooled me its true
Its nothing I haven’t seen
Nothing at all new

I cant act as if
It never took place
My time spent thinking of you
Was such a waste

You’re a phoney a cheat
A liar a fraud
What more do you want
A medal, an award?

Was it a trick?
A trap, a spell
Now who else
Are you going to tell?

Why did you do it?
That’s what I want to know
Was there a good reason
For sinking so low

So thanks again
For all of your help
I hope one day
You’ll realise how I felt


Hi Amy! So young and so talented! A sad and lovely poem. Well done. I would appreciate if you read and comment my first published poem.

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Aijaz Asif 25 November 2008

you put all your feelings in the pen and wrote a painful master piece with very good use of rhymes, i liked it thanks 10 for this couragous write rgds asif

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Bassam Harby 24 November 2008


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James Foulk 24 November 2008

Amy this was a very warm and gentle piece of poetry. thank you for reading my heart and for your kind comment.

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Taylor Clayton 24 November 2008

wow this is good, i love it. good job.

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Pilar Killen 30 January 2009

Brill writer, love this poem so much, ive felt just like that once

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B3@utiful Dis@st3r 14 January 2009

this is deep great poem! ! ur a great writer

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Joey Rodriguez 05 December 2008

This is such a deep poem, for starting to write a couple of months ago you have great talent. Keep it up.

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Kite Remedy 04 December 2008

That's a great poem.. Betrayal, love, traumatic state after someone lied to you.. Nice write..

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Egi David Perdana 30 November 2008

something I believe this very make me touch

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