Isolation Blues Poem by keith brown

Isolation Blues

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Has this enforced isolation led too fear and trepidation?
At the dawning of another lonely, covid day.
Maybe your a double trying to avoid all the trouble
Whilst egos and emotions are in play.
Are you at each other's throats yet, well!
Arguments notyour best bet
When every form of communications gone awry

Don't mention the word boredom, for I think that is seldom
That one can play as easily as two.
Maybe your threesome, or three more kids and then some!
Trying too teach breakfast bar lessons to a constant procession
of young minds that have tendency too stray, through lack of stimulation
In our covid situation as you rise to face another covid day

You can listen too your neighbour's as you go about your labour's
Trying too fill-each and every minute of a covid day
It's common sense too keep your distance, though your very being may resist this!
As you struggle through yet another covid day.

The worlds no longer your oyster, were all stuck within the cloisters
of the prison we once used too call home.
The planes and trains are grounded, the warning bell's been sounded
It's our minds not our bodies free to roam.
Still you can still be active, may even be attracted to write poems, or compose some mighty tome?
Whatever disposition our well worn supposition

Its safer not too travel but stay home!

Monday, April 27, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: family
Mahtab Bangalee 28 April 2020

stay home nCov-19 must be gone Safety Life Fact: - beautiful poem penned

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Keith Brown 27 April 2020

Hi Robert yes things are indeed gri, hope you are staying safe, my poem covid 19 is short and takes a darker view Please read I look forward too your feed back Stay safe kb

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