It Is Who? ♥ Poem by Luwi Habte

It Is Who? ♥

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It is not me but you
It is not you but the things you do
It is not the things you do but your love
It is not your love but the innocence you have
It is not the innocence you have but your reality
It is not your reality but your ability
It is not your ability but your creativity
It is not your creativity but your dignity
It is not your dignity but your appearance
It is not your appearance but your resistance
It is not your resistance but the way it has to be
It is not the way it has to be but ME

Yes me!

Fall for your ability
When I recognize your reality
Wish you could be mine
With the best life and sane

Yes you!

Make me down on my knee
Following you like the queen bee
Falling of my heart for yours
Much better know than previous years

Yes we!

Can do it in well
With the bright will
Never to had a fight more
Let us keep the life we adore

Ravi Sathasivam 07 November 2010

'It is not me but you' Nice poem. Simple but meaningful Thanks for sharing with me 10+

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Aldo Kraas 05 November 2010

I was happy to read a good poem.

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