Luwi Habte

Rookie (19 march / Asmara)

Luwi Habte Poems

1. Fili 3/4/2009
2. Plz Come Back! 3/6/2009
3. Samu 3/4/2009
4. My Grany 3/18/2009
5. On My Birth Day 3/20/2009
6. Now And Before 4/6/2009
7. Psychologiest 4/20/2009
8. Congratulations Luwi (Poem For My Self) 5/22/2009
9. My Dogy Dog, Tarry 5/23/2009
10. What Should I Do Then? ? ? 5/28/2009
11. Permission 6/17/2009
12. The Wallop 10/29/2009
13. Terrible Disease 2/20/2010
14. My Mecca! 3/13/2010
15. Your Innocence 8/14/2010
16. Why Do They? 10/11/2010
17. * * Words Like... 11/3/2010
18. * * Waiting For Our Mother 11/4/2010
19. Blessing... 11/19/2010
20. Semhar ♥ ♥ 11/19/2010
21. * * Mercy 10/30/2010
22. We Lost It All! 3/7/2009
23. How Come? 3/23/2009
24. * * Who Is Going To Be Blamed? 10/30/2010
25. Sweet Seventeen ♥ Fili ♥ 11/19/2010
26. It Is Who? ♥ 10/30/2010
27. Finally 5/16/2010
28. Roses 6/6/2010
29. The Brothers 10/29/2009
30. Loans Will Be Paid! ! ! 9/10/2009
31. Miserable Life! 3/25/2009
32. Life Can Be As Same As What We Want! 3/7/2009
33. Unlucky Or Destiny? 4/21/2009
34. Why Me? 3/11/2009
35. Letting People Like You (Step 5) 7/2/2009
36. The Past Passes As It Have To Pass! 7/2/2009
37. Dear St.Mary 6/3/2009
38. Time Matters! ! ! 6/3/2009
39. Turn The Previous... 6/10/2009
40. Her Kindness... 6/14/2009

Comments about Luwi Habte

  • Eyan Desir (11/23/2009 10:11:00 PM)

    For all seeds need water to grow
    When watered right
    They grow into a brillant plant...

    Keep growing Luwi
    We are sure you'll
    blossom into that brillant plant....

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  • Darren Westbrook (9/27/2009 5:24:00 PM)

    hey my name is Darren Westbrook and i just want to say your poem is out standing no matter
    what keep god first and keep your head up and never give up. You look smart and you look beautful you write realy well if you dont mind can you check out mind.
    a blessing is comeing your way.

  • Lovita Morang Lovita Morang (7/22/2009 3:52:00 AM)

    ...who shall we say love me
    who can we show the bleeding tears
    beautiful earth - mother
    no one can be greater then her
    then who shall we cry for-grieve for
    if noone care you
    if we are surrounded by godliness
    why we not celebrate lonliness
    if noone loves you
    see everywhere everyone adores you
    so hail high
    sweet survival...

    your tell me mother is touching but never lose your heart if you can seen God my dear luwi...
    with love always from
    lovita J R Morang

  • Chad Foster (5/17/2009 3:56:00 PM)

    i love your poetry. its really down to earth. it gives me a sence of euphoria i guess you could say.

  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (3/24/2009 1:22:00 AM)

    your poems are amazing and devastating.

Best Poem of Luwi Habte

* * Just A Word

N.B Let the comment be one word and explanation to the poem
Because the poem is for one word


Face till the tip of the world
Success your ability and shade
It is more than everything and the happiness creator
Stay safe and sound, that would be ours better

It is the food and drinking stuff at all
With out it everything might be fall
It is of the entire struggles goal
It is the most interesting at whole

For disturbed hearts it made them calm
In annoyed mood it let joy come
For success and for further improvement
In our...

Read the full of * * Just A Word

The Big Girl

Here I am away from home
Living like a wild child
Surviving in a time which is so hard

Can I return the time back?
Living in the abdomen of mom
I miss what I was......

Things derive me crazy

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