* * Guess... Poem by Luwi Habte

* * Guess...

Rating: 3.6

HE is between two MAT, and my qualification is ICS who is me? ? ?

I am the biggest subject
Lesson for greatest object
Also useful in budget
All I need is smart mind and jet

Who am I?

I am the base of knowledge
Never differentiate age
Some one who is jet at me
Obviously found a lot of fee

Who am I?

Doctors and engineers are my product
History is my subtract
When I do the multiply
Success on earth apply

Who am I?

To be done by poets…

the answer is ** MAT HE MAT ICS**

Swatimalya Chattopadhyay 15 September 2009

Ingenuity comes from a young mind, they can easily entrap the older ones into their cages of riddles.Frankly I could not make out for sure, first time, as a critic, I read other poets' comments before typing my own comments, to get some clues.And borrowing others' ideas, I am writing, it is nothing but MATHEMATICS.Unique, very creative and a huge round of applause.

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Shalini Sundararamalingam 14 September 2009

riddle crafted like poem, well done...

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You are mathematics! (I got it from the first line: D) I love your poem! I love your idea of making a puzzle with a poem and letting people guess at the answer. I read your message and I was like 'Cool! I have to read that! ' I absolutely love it! Very creative!

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Colton Foltz 13 September 2009

math im guessing? 10++

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Akram Awadat 13 September 2009

interesting poem, great work, i like it thanks a lot 10+

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Nice little puzzle. Loved it.

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Shamin Shah 20 December 2011

By looking at the title i was trying to guess what kind of a poem would this be and it truly amazed me....and i agree what everyone says, unique and one of its kind... all the mathematics teachers would love u for writing a poem like this...

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Cheung Shun Sang 02 October 2009

Hope that you have bigger success

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Felipe Lima 19 September 2009

Lovely poem... I loved loved loved it. It is very charming and fun and also very smart and tricky.

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Kobik William 18 September 2009

Apart from being a good poet you are also very smart.

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