Father Poem by Luwi Habte


Rating: 4.8

Dedicated to my father Habte Ghile

No one was to be the owner of my heart
But now a time it fails, I got a chief, perfect man rather than a president
If he orders, I can pass through the nail`s eye
I can lost ma life, I can go away from the world without saying bye

The father of my self which is apart from me by distance
You pay a lot for my comfortableness
Your tears rain when I am crying
You never punish me even if I am mistaken

Not as before I am owned by your love daddy
I start to get scared that you can die early
You control me I fall for you
I have no idea whether you know or not that truth

Can`t you see depends on you, all my aim
Your seemly staying wins, win over my world, you win with out a game
No body is as perfect as you to me
Whom I see above me, never it can to be

There is nothing hard to me rather than your love
Which burns my heart which makes me deaf
Whatever........where ever I was where ever I are
All the best of me for you my precious father

Akram Awadat 18 April 2009

well luwi habte it is touching poem thanks for sharing

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Ashraful Musaddeq 07 May 2009

Exquisite work,10+

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Marieta Maglas 23 May 2009

''there is nothing hard to me rather than your love'' very true.A beautiful poem 10++

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David Tanguay 24 May 2009

Very nicely written Luwi, it shows your love for your father.

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there is nothing hard to me rather than your love which burns ma heart which makes me beaf whatever........where ever i was where ever i are all the best of me for you ma precious father... he is towring strength for us... very good write. i love it rad mine papa do u know? and papa you too? comment and read carefully tks

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Sylvia Frances Chan 21 January 2023

I have respect for this heart warming great poem, amazing content, this is greatest love from a daughter, very precious

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Sylvia Frances Chan 21 January 2023

Heart touching Dedication, warms my heart also having read this beautiful poem full of caring love, tremendously enjoyed. TOP Score! My dad died very young, I was still very young too, but he is multitalented, he was.

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Ravi Sathasivam 16 September 2009

An emotional poem. Father's love is shown greatly. Well written. Enjoyed reading it Thanks

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Anand Madhukar 14 September 2009

A beautifully expressed and heartfelt dedication.

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Rajaram Ramachandran 31 August 2009

Each line of the poem speaks itself how deep your love is towards your beloved father.

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