Weird Poem by Luwi Habte


Rating: 4.4

While people walks to the right
Weirdo runs to the left side

While people inters in
Weirdo gets out for nothing

While people get sleep well
Weirdo stays awaken and face the hell

While people dance and enjoy their time pretty cool
Weirdo gets sad alone in a dark hole

While people survive happily and safely
Weirdo wishes to die only

While people ends a meeting
Weirdo starts from the beginning

The amazing thing is incredibly
That weirdo is so lovely
And hell ignominiously
Because it is impetuously

Surya . 06 September 2009

an amazing poem. it shows opposition to every move and the need to overcome it.welldone. voted10 surya

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Obinna Eruchie 06 September 2009

What a weirdo, who wants to do the opposite of what others are doing. Interesting piece.

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Subham Dutta 05 September 2009

This is very good poem.

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Ravi A 05 September 2009

To stay out of tune with the world - this is only a relative aspect. In our eyes he may a weirdo but from his own point of view, he may be just another person. What is to be seen is that whether he is a headache for the society as an anti social element. Otherwise, let him have his strange behaviour. Doesn't matter.

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 05 September 2009

very good and well penned

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Jacqui Thewless 18 September 2009

Really strong rythyms. Keep it strong, girl.

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Elena Winters 17 September 2009

weirdo a very different person which is what i prefer when they go right weirdo goes shows that that person wants to foloow his/her own path great job love the theme

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Ravi Sathasivam 16 September 2009

Great. Wonderful poem. Well penned Enjoyed reading it Thanks

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~ Jon London ~ 07 September 2009

Very well expressed Luwi....your poetic talent shines through with this....well done my friend 10

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James Mclain 07 September 2009

and bold loves the lion.. and walks with.. and sleeps under.. a nobles door....iip

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