Jack In The Box Poem by Jayne Louise Davies

Jack In The Box

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Poor Jack In The Box,
Alone on a shelf,
He lay amongst the cobwebs,
In the attic, all by himself,
Apart from some boxes of old books,
And a rocking horse, with an eerie look.

Longing to see the light of day again,
Trapped in the box,
Since who knows when,

Then one day,
His dreams unfold,
The attic door opens,
And low and behold,
A muffled voice can be heard,
The voice of a young girl.

What is it? She said with excitement,
It's a Jack In The Box,
Oh let me see!
When given the box,
She opened the lid,
And out jumped Jack,
No longer hid.

She laughed with excitement,
Then clutched it so tight,
Then placed it on her bedroom shelf,
Near her bright, night light.

So Jack became a happy chap,
His attic days now done,
Through the generations,
He gave such joy and fun.

Jayne Louise Davies

Kim Barney 08 February 2022

Very nice, Jayne. On the last line of the fourth stanza, did you by any chance mean 'longer' instead of 'linger'?

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Jayne Davies 09 February 2022

Sorry Kim for calling you Beryl! Lol x What am I like!

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Jayne Davies 09 February 2022

Yes I did Beryl x Thanks for pointing out my spelling mistake x

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 08 February 2022

I agree with David. I enjoyed it immersely Jayne

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David Wood 08 February 2022

Delightful poem Jayne with very good imagery. A lovely read.

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Jayne Louise Davies

Jayne Louise Davies

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