Jealousy Does Burn Poem by Paula Glynn

Jealousy Does Burn

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Watching the talented Taylor Swift onstage
She does burn with jealousy
Why is she so popular? Why is she so pretty?
Why don't I have all the same things?
Because jealousy does burn.

Watching the presidents of the world
The ordinary does burn with jealousy
The president with everything in the world
The president with good looks and charismatic charm
The president with high intelligence and profile.

Watching the supermodels of the fashion industry
Does make the ordinary burn with jealousy
With their long limbs and unusual looks
Making magazines sell and photographs pop
With other celebrities that do indeed rock.

Watching all these manipulated celebrities:
Their riches that can only be dreamt of
Their love lives seemingly perfect
But it is all devious lies, it is all hearsay
The game of money these people nastily play.

With sunny days lounging about on the exotic beach
A lifestyle for the ordinary out of reach
Celebrities wandering around their huge stylish mansions
Driving their fast and shiny cars
With money that is vast and does go far.

Wearing designer clothes that are at the height of fashion
Wondering about the trash they condemn to poverty
Their own jobs in the spotlight paying much better
As they drive by in their designer cars watching the ordinary
Waiting at the bus stop in the rain getting wetter.

Watching the wonderful ordinary burn with jealousy
Does ignite fear into the other half: having money dangerous
The ordinary to hope of winning the lottery: numbers unknown
Even then it simply won't happen: the odds too small
The lives of the ordinary always predictable.

John Carter Brown 29 February 2024

Good poem Paula. I can't stand the woman, and her songs are drivel. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as I'm sure you must know.

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Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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