Join Hands In Peace! Poem by malini kadir

malini kadir

malini kadir

Nagapatinam, a coastal port, Tamilnadu, India NOW RESIDING IN TRICHY

Join Hands In Peace!

Rating: 3.4

Let’s join hands in peace!

I look through the telescope
A distant view…
Quite near!
Viewing a future bright!
Watch strapped to the wrists
Time taxed perfection to list!
People bustling about
The family a global village!
When your wife is Pakistani
Your son brings home a ‘Bangladesh beauty”
Your daughter works in US
And son in law is French
Who is related to the African?
A Hawaiian petite brown blond cooks
To please your taste buds!
And a Japanese manager
Happens to be your boss
And your secretary a South Korean
Your dog a German shepherd
Your cow that milks such fine milk
Happen to be the cows of Denmark
You drive a BMW
And sleep in the comforts and luxury
Of Arab satin sheets, velvet to the touch
With music of A.R. Rahman
Nostalgia of Bob Dylan……
Echoing in a New Pop and rap musician
Instrumentally adding the finer touch
To the starry night……….
Under the open Sky
Taking you beyond the dividing lines
Of any narrow patriotism
To humanitarian thoughts
That makes you look beyond
The narrow dividing lines
All religion like different rivers
Flow to merge with the ocean of omnipotent
Making every home a global village
Terrorism is in mutual good buried alive!
By the men of power
Realising Life is golden
Only when we aim for it!
Let’s join hands in peace!
Let love bind US
To value human life
Seeing the blood is of the same colour!
Wounds hurt all with equal intensity!

Kesav Easwaran 01 January 2009

a good well wishing poetic call at the threshold of the dawning new have briefed well on your good telescopic view here, Hema...peace loving humanitarian view...good piece 10

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Mohammed Albalushi 29 May 2009

funny and enjoyable poem, i like it

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Ashraful Musaddeq 22 May 2009

Content of this poem is nice, in favor of mankind. Love it 10++

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 19 February 2009

excellent write that was..a global village not for a purpose..and that's what we need'narrow patriotism' my just human and nation to a samanyan

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Vaibhav Pandey 12 January 2009

very good poem.... Atleast I am standing with you in effort to to restore peace.

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 02 January 2009

You must have taken much efforts to write such a long poem. nice.

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malini kadir

malini kadir

Nagapatinam, a coastal port, Tamilnadu, India NOW RESIDING IN TRICHY
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