Jolt. Paranoia. Gangrene. Poem by Mubeen Sadhika

Jolt. Paranoia. Gangrene.

Rating: 4.3

twitching of the face started
recently. It's a fit. The shudder.
convulsing with a quiver.
The jerk continued with a tremor.
contractions and relaxations or
it goes into spasm over and over.

creeping with fear in horror
worried about panic dismay.
Alarming anxiety trepidates
in memory. It's obsession. Terror.
Always mistrust and suspicion.
Hallucinations to kill the unknown.

complete decay from cerebral injury.
Amputations will leave partial
centre of brain. The magnetic
hold will go unrestrained.
erosion may not be controlled.
Total dysfunction outsized.

Rajaram Ramachandran 12 September 2009

The poem on Jolt, Paranoia, Gangrene speaks split details about these attacks. God forbid, one should not suffer from these ailments.

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Ency Bearis 13 September 2009

a well described write of schizoprenia......well implied..

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Zeinab Sherif 13 September 2009

wow! that's a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery excellent one i love it really 10+++

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Kuji Soliman 13 September 2009

what word is better then astonishing? ? because i can't find the word! it's like....WOW!

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Sarwar Chowdhury 13 September 2009

signifieds created wonderful picturesques......fragmented beauty.....touch and don't touch.......but catched.....the reader astonished......touching! 1010101010101010+

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Ashley Ormon 13 October 2009

A different kind of flow indeed.

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Meggie Gultiano 25 September 2009

nice info and sharing.Well penned

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Winifred Harkness 24 September 2009

i like this one. it's very good.

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Blue Eyes 24 September 2009

very nice wave of words keep ur imagination flowing.

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Ted M 20 September 2009

A medical state conveyed in a poetic manner with sound knowledge.

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