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You Are Beautiful

No matter who you are, you are beautiful
A brilliant star soaring across the sky
Despite where you’ve come from, and what you did
You can come out on the top, soarin’ and flyin’ high.

Eyes Of Strength

People pass me everyday
& tell me within my eyes they see
Strength, they say to me you are strong-
But deep within my mind I know it is

Distorted Love

How distorted is the meaning of love
Of men and woman today?
In all believing that sex is love
And can be easily thrown away.

People Of The Window

Sometimes when there’s nothing to do
and the day is slow, I just watch the People of the Window.

Looking at a woman all dressed up,

Grow Wings

I wish I was a bird so I could just fly away,
And escape all the harmful things from the light of day,
To be free from all misfortune, the heartaches, and the pain,
And to escape all things in life that are inhumane.

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A young poet who's words are drawn from the heart. She writes especially moving pieces that i never cease to enjoy Timothy

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Ashley Ormon has been writing for quite some time. Her published works can be found in SpeedPoets, an international zine published in Australia issue 2010. Her second work is in the Celebration of Poets Spring 2010 edition.

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