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I never open envelopes
“The occupier” or,
worse still,
“The car owner”
especially when
I don't even
own a car—

you never get them
to “The motorcyclist”
or “The Pantheist” or
even “Lepidopterist”
(all more appropriate
in my case) instead
they come with promises:
“We’ll cut your bill”,
“Why pay more? ”,
“We’ll save on your insurance”—

To hell with them,
in any case
I much prefer
e-mail now, except for scam.
I used to love to see
the postman
coming down the street
and hear the thud
of letters falling on the mat,
my heart would start to beat,
accelerate, in fact.

Nowadays it’s just the same
but even better
on PoemHunter
dot com. I think
it is the child in me
that gets excited
when I see
that yellow strip
dance on the screen,
with bright red letters
that proclaim:
“[! ! ] You’ve got 1 unread message! ”

Are you the same?

Mary Nagy 24 August 2005

Totally! Great poem Peter. Sincerely, Mary

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Zoe Smith 17 July 2006

that is such a sweet poem full of boyish enthusiasm that I most honor of the old Royal Navy spirit.

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Anna Russell 23 February 2006

Yes! ! ! ! I am exactly the same. You sum it up well. Hugs Anna xxx

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Lara W.a 29 August 2005

LoL this is quite funny. Peter, this poem rocks! I loved every word!

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A. B. 25 August 2005

A cool poem you got here Pete. I get excited to see that message too. You said it well.

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Raynette Eitel 24 August 2005

I feel exactly the same, Peter. This is fun and a good comment on life in the 21st century. What next? Raynette

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