Just A Wish Poem by Ernestine Northover

Just A Wish

Rating: 5.0

Whisk me away on a holiday,
Give me a chance to get away,
From all the stuffy, set routine,
Of work and chores at home, like clean,
The floors, window panes and sills,
Suck up the dust and wipe up the spills,
Change the beds, and prepare the meals.
Phew! totally exhausted is how one feels.

Can't there be a magic wand,
To wave and find that I'm beyond,
The horizon, where a different scene,
Awaits, somewhere I've never been,
That really would be such a pleasure,
A bonus, a time that I could treasure,
Somewhere to 'wind down' and 'relax' a while,
Maybe take a steamboat down the Nile.

Now I wouldn't want to journey alone,
Meeting people that I've never known.
I want someone, who's on my wavelength,
Someone who has some 'considerable' arm strength,
To help me carry the cases I'll need,
Now that would be a real good deed,
So to enjoy this gift from right out of the blue,
I would spend it, my 'soulmate', just with you.

Andrew Blakemore 06 June 2008

You could come away with me anytime Ernestine. A lovely escapist poem, well done. Andrew x

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Duncan Wyllie 01 April 2006

What a wonderful thought a 'Soulmate'.I believe that we all have them it's just knowing where to look.A great write from you again Ernestine.Love Duncan

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