Just Another Moment Poem by Ernestine Northover

Just Another Moment

Rating: 4.9

There he is, crossing the road,
very slowly, walking away from me.

I recognise his back, the way he walks,
his smart clothes, his elegant stride.

Once we were face to face,
united together in an embrace,
which was so powerful, filled with such desire.

Now we are no longer face to face.
All that remains is a back view,
a totally blank view.

Memories come flooding back,
I feel a pain so intense, causing an emptiness within me,
that will never go away.

And as I look towards him,
he is suddenly engulfed by a crowd of shoppers.

A faceless body, disappearing in among other faceless bodies,
and I can see him no more.

Thus, this moment becomes 'just another moment', woven into my heart,
and, into the 'photo album' of my life.

© Ernestine Northover

Kim Barney 23 February 2015

Very well done indeed. Congratulations for having it selected as Poem of the Day!

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Andrew Blakemore 06 June 2008

A deeply touching poem Ernestine, very well written. Love, Andrew x

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 23 February 2015

Congrats on making front cover news on poemhunter.com, , today, Feb.23,2015, as the PH Member Poem of The Day! ' I'm a bit embarrassed as this is the 1st time I've seen this pen-germ of yours, Poetess E....Then, again, you have so many, perhaps this one just kinda' slipped through the cyber cracks on me....Just look at the commenters below....I wonder where Duncan is today & how he's doing....I recently heard from Andrew Blakemore after 5 years and have not heard a lick from Uriah H., but I think I saw a new posting of his not too long ago...Hope all is well in your world, young missy! ~Frank~

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Uriah Hamilton 17 November 2005

A well told story of what could have been a beautiful chance meeting but the faces all fade into the crowd and into the past.

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Theorem Thetruthserum 17 November 2005

Significants to insignificants...very good transition...of how one person was so great and was a face that you wanted to see every day but now that person is like someone you see walking down the street talking on their cell phone...some one you do not even know and probably will never know. It was very good.

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 23 February 2015

Every thing you reminisce is your past. Those incidents are no more.; people involved are not found; actual environment lead to all that is not there any more. Sill, they bother you. Why? because, it is your own inner being who keeps you in that mode. Please deal with this person and you are through. Poem is a beauty. Excellently portrayed a human experience humanely. Full marks!

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Terry Craddock 23 February 2015

All moments glitter sparkle in there season then within moments are passing gone making way for new moments new experiences new sensations within a vast sea of choices as moment by moment our choices link into the palm print of our lives as our heart beats into a myriad of possibilities.

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Bernard Snyder 23 February 2015

Very well-written poem, Ernestine! Kind of sad though. Yet, we've all raveled this road at least once in our lives. Congrats on being chosen 'poem of the day'. An honor well-deserved!

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Brian Stafford 23 February 2015

very touching! well done on getting poem of the day!

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Paul Reed 23 February 2015

This poem has a lovely easy grace and unflustered rhythm to it, underlining the wistfulness and regretful thoughts of the writer. Thanks Ernestine.

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