Justice... Poem by kafil uddin raihan.


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We can never create a single life,
So we shouldn't have right to take it,
But what is going on all around a society,
Some psychotic man have been serial killer,
Some are killing people for so called revenge,
Some are killing as a victim of a situation,
Intentionally and unintentionally we are killing,
Now any one can say that for this we have laws,
But what is our law doing in the sake of justice?
Hanging a person, or electrocuting him on a chair,
In the name of painless death injecting poisons,
But are not these the way of killing a person?
Are not these the excuses to hide our failures?
This is us, Who give birth these sick murderers,
This is us, who let a man to be a killer,
Whatever that is, so called legal or illegal,
Are not these both killing processes sin?
Are not these bot about taking a life?
Can we say this justice a justice,
Which allows to take a life empowering a badge?
Think man...Humanity is crying in the door of justice...

Brandon Nothing 08 August 2009

Which allows to take a life empowering a badge? - I really like that line, although your poem was a little straightforward it gets the message across ^^

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Nizamettin Esen Haymanali 08 August 2009

Justice is an enigmatic question of humanity. A beautiful poem well penned.10.

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Ted M 08 August 2009

It's a very tricky question. Man in his unquenchable thirst for more always is up with something. It's an eye-opener. Why do people do what they do? There must be a logical reason somewhere.

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Christina Phan 08 August 2009

Fanastic job 10+++ kept it up Great thought and its all true

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Carol Gall 08 August 2009

great write but im on the fence about that

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Doha Ewiess 14 August 2009

i liked the poem...and i liked the last line so much...well done :)

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Emily Core 11 August 2009

ya thats so true good job

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Kafil Uddin Raihan 10 August 2009

Yap sir Bob, You are right, But my view is about the social negligence to grow up a man, No one is a born killer or murderer, We must suppress the social reasons that lead a man to a murder, Besides that we should make a change in our judicial systems too.All these combined tasks would reduce the moral disorientation of us and then we would judge a man properly as a murderer.Thanks sir for your valuable comment to share with us.

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Bob Gibson 10 August 2009

What say you about the murderer, who may have killed your wife what should be done to him, , free to take a life! how many lives is he allowed to take, ? before his time has come for protection of the species' this man must be hung food for thought Kafil

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Marieta Maglas 09 August 2009

nice rational poem, well penned with deep thoughts...........10+

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